UNIILORIN Student Commits Suicide Over Loan

20-Years-Old UNIILORIN Student Commits Suicide Over Loan

20-Years-Old UNIILORIN Student Commits Suicide Over Loan.

A 20-year-old student of the University of Ilorin, Sanni Hameedat, took her own life after a distressing ordeal triggered by her generosity. Hameedat, who was participating in her SIWES program, lent a boy she met on Snapchat a substantial sum of N500,000, after he claimed his mother was battling breast cancer and urgently needed financial assistance.


Tragically, the boy vanished after borrowing the money, severing all contact with Hameedat. Struggling to cope with the pressure from the app agents demanding swift repayment and her brother’s inability to help, she spiraled into depression. The private hostel management where she resided, Rubiks, revealed that the cause of her suicide was rooted in financial misappropriation.

According to the hostel management’s statement, Hameedat had been entrusted with a significant sum of money by her mother. When the boy disappeared, she was left in dire straits. Desperate to repay the borrowed amount, she resorted to borrowing from various loan apps, amassing N450,000, and combined it with her savings of N50,000 to fulfill the debt.

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Tragically, Hameedat ingested a lethal pesticide, Sniper, in her desperate state. Her roommate discovered her in distress, foaming from her mouth and vomiting, and promptly sought help. Despite being rushed to UITH, she was declared dead.

The university community is in shock over this devastating loss. Both the Dean, Student Affairs Unit, Prof M.T. Yakubu, and the Head of Corporate Affairs, Kunle Akogun, refrained from commenting due to their participation in the 37th and 38th combined convocation ceremony. However, the Student Union President, Ologundudu Adesunkanmi, confirmed the incident and expressed deep sorrow, emphasizing that the university authorities are launching a thorough investigation.

This heart-wrenching incident highlights the alarming consequences of online deception and the impact of financial pressures on vulnerable individuals. The university community mourns the loss of a promising young student, urging for awareness and vigilance in online interactions.

Uniilorin Student Commits Suicide

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