Tragedy Strikes Agbada Nenwe Community as Masked Gunmen Kill Three in Enugu

Tragedy Strikes Agbada Nenwe Community as Masked Gunmen Kill Three in Enugu

Tragedy Strikes Agbada Nenwe Community as Masked Gunmen Kill Three in Enugu

A horrifying incident unfolded over the weekend in Agbada Nenwe community, Aninri Local Government Area of Enugu State, as three individuals fell victim to an attack by unidentified assailants. This shocking incident has plunged the community into turmoil, with residents grappling to comprehend the motive behind the gruesome act.


The victims have been identified as Mr. Hillary Uche, a well-known block and cement dealer at Orie Agu market; Kingsley, a motorcycle parts dealer whose full name remains undisclosed at this time, and another young man popularly known as FM, whose true identity is yet to be confirmed.

According to accounts provided by community sources, the masked gunmen meticulously tracked their targets to their residences and businesses, where they executed their deadly mission. Kingsley and FM were reportedly forcibly removed from their homes and mercilessly slain in the village square, while Hillary met his tragic end within the confines of his shop at Orie Agu.

Adding to the chaos, the assailants, following their failed mission to locate a target in one house, set the residence ablaze before departing. The sinister nature of the attack, along with the masks worn by the perpetrators, has left the community in fear and uncertainty, as the identity and motives of the assailants remain a mystery.

An anxious resident of the community, who recounted the harrowing incident, expressed the prevailing sentiment of fear, saying, “Nobody knows who these people are. Some arrived on motorcycles, while others came in a vehicle. Everyone is afraid to venture outside. Panic has gripped the entire community. This kind of thing has never happened here before. Mr. Hillary, who was one of the victims, was shot three times in his shop at Orie Agu Nenwe. The gunmen all wore masks, suggesting that they may have come from around us here.”

The Enugu State Police Command has confirmed the incident and initiated efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. Daniel Ndukwe, the command’s spokesperson, issued a statement, saying, “Discreet investigation and manhunt operations are underway to apprehend the as-yet-unidentified armed hoodlums.”

The community remains on edge as they await further developments in this disturbing case, hoping for swift justice and an end to the prevailing uncertainty and fear.

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