Tragedy Mars Signout Celebration as Car Crushed three in University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

Tragedy Mars Signout Celebration as Car Crushed three in University of Nigeria Enugu Campus


A day that was meant to be a joyful celebration turned into a tragic ordeal for the final year students of accountancy and business marketing at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. The students had completed their examinations on August 11, 2023, and were partaking in their signout ceremony, which ended in a horrifying accident.


During the carnival-like event, a distressing incident occurred involving a student allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The student, who was behind the wheel, lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a series of unfortunate events. Witnesses on the scene reported that several students had hung onto the moving car in an exuberant display of celebration.


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In a heartbreaking turn of events, one student hanging onto the car fell from the front bonnet as the vehicle swerved. Tragically, the car ran over this group of students, resulting in severe injuries. Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing moment when three students were crushed under the weight of the car. Among the victims were two female students and one male of Graduating Accountancy Class.


All of the victims were swiftly rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention.

This incident has sent shockwaves throughout the university community, especially considering that the institution had previously issued a directive cautioning against excessive and unsafe celebrations during signout events. This unfortunate incident has occurred in close proximity to the issuance of this directive


Despite the gravity of the situation, the university administration has yet to release an official statement regarding the incident. At present, the focus remains on ensuring the survival and recovery of the injured students. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the consequences that can arise from reckless and irresponsible behavior during celebrations.


The entire university community and concerned citizens extend their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families during this distressing time. As the investigation unfolds, questions are raised about student safety during celebratory events and the role of institutions in promoting responsible behavior among their students.


2 thoughts on “Tragedy Mars Signout Celebration as Car Crushed three in University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

  1. I saw this people misbehaving yesterday in school and somehow I knew something like this won't happen
    How can people be this uneducated even when they are educated.. attimes I wonder what the essence of this sign out celebration is all about
    Attimes all I see is where they show off unnecessarily
    Now this ones have finally gotten what they want
    Now they can rest
    I hope others will learn from this stupid and nonsensical act exhibited by this educated but uneducated student who have not only acted foolishly but have incured serious problem for their families
    Where person go find 300k in this current economy?
    If you celebrate wisely, will the celebration not be enjoyable
    You just want to show off
    Now, you re showing off in the hospital

  2. All man go calm down now. Even if you want to celebrate,must you show off?
    This ain't the way signing out celebration ought to be.

    Anyways,quick recovery to the injured ones

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