“Subsidy Don Cast”, Rufai Osani Reacts Over the Sudden Hike in Transportation From Lagos to Benin


"Subsidy Don Cast", Rufai Osani Reacts Over the Sudden Hike in Transportation From Lagos to Benin



Rufai Oseni , a prominent political analyst and Arise TV presenter, has expressed deep concern and lamentation over the recent surge in transportation costs in Nigeria, driven by the removal of petrol subsidies by the Federal government.

As of the present day, the price of a liter of petrol has soared to over N650, imposing a heavy burden on the already strained finances of ordinary Nigerians. This drastic increase in fuel costs has had a cascading effect on transportation expenses, making it exceptionally challenging for citizens to make ends meet.


In a Facebook post dated August 7, 2023, Oseni highlighted the alarming spike in transportation fares, particularly the route from Lagos to Benin, which has surged to an astonishing N19,000. This represents a stark contrast to the comparatively modest fare of N5,000 that prevailed prior to the tenure of the Tinubu-led government.

Oseni’s impassioned message resonates with the plight of countless Nigerians who are grappling with the crippling impact of skyrocketing prices on their daily lives. He urged his fellow citizens to remain vigilant and called upon the government to take swift and effective actions to fulfill the promises of positive change and improvement in the lives of Nigerians.

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The dire economic situation, exacerbated by rising fuel costs and the subsequent surge in transportation expenses, underscores the urgency of addressing the country’s economic challenges. Nigerians, enduring these hardships, are collectively hoping for a brighter future and improved living conditions.

As the nation navigates these turbulent times, Oseni’s message serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination of the Nigerian people. Despite the daunting challenges they face, there remains an unwavering commitment to forging a path towards a more prosperous and equitable future. The hope is that through concerted efforts and effective governance, the burdens on ordinary citizens will be alleviated, and the nation can move towards a more stable and prosperous era.

If you are a Nigerian at this period, you are really trying, we pray from our end at VOPT NEWS that things get better

Rufai Oseni

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