Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba Advocates For A Clear Boundary Demarcation Between Cross River state and Ebonyi States

In a bold move, Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba, a member of the House of Representatives, advocates for urgent boundary demarcation to quell centuries-old conflicts between Cross River and Ebonyi States, citing over 3,000 lives lost and a lack of progress in peace talks.

Hon Mike Ataba

In a bid to address the long-standing conflicts between the border communities of Cross River state and Ebonyi States, Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba, a member of the House of Representatives, has taken a significant step by moving a motion in the House of Representatives. During the session, he highlighted the urgent need for a clear boundary demarcation to put an end to the wanton destruction of lives and properties that have persisted for over a century.

Rt. Hon. Etaba brought to the attention of the House the severity of the situation, revealing that the conflicts between the warring communities have resulted in the loss of over 3,000 lives, not counting those who suffered debilitating injuries. Despite several peace talks initiated by the border communities themselves, little to no tangible progress has been made in finding a lasting resolution to the issue.


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In the past, a comprehensive stakeholders meeting was convened, attended by representatives from the conflicting communities, as well as officials from various government agencies and organizations. The meeting aimed to facilitate dialogue and establish a foundation for the National Boundary Commission to initiate the much-needed boundary demarcation process. However, until now, no concrete solution has been reached.

Rt. Hon. Etaba emphasized the importance of starting the boundary demarcation immediately to ensure permanent peace and tranquility in the region. He believes that the relative peace in the area today is a result of previous peace initiatives and communal efforts.

To address the issue decisively, Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba’s motion has resolved to:

(i) Urgently request the National Boundary Commission to commence and complete the demarcation of the boundaries between Cross River State and Ebonyi State.

(ii) Assign the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the House’s resolutions to the Committee on Legislative Compliance once constituted.

The motion received widespread support from the House, and it was seconded by Rt. Hon. Ahmad Aminu Chindo, representing Katsina Central Constituency. Following the vote, the motion was adopted and subsequently referred to the House Committee on Special Duties for further action once the committee is constituted.

The move by Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba represents a significant step towards resolving the long-standing conflicts between Cross River and Ebonyi States. By urging the National Boundary Commission to act swiftly and decisively, the hope for lasting peace and an end to the constant loss of lives and properties in the region is rekindled.

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