Rescue Across Continents: C.J. Okoye’s Record-Breaking Mission and Repatriated 610 People Amid Lockdown


Rescue Across Continents: C.J. Okoye's Record-Breaking Mission and Repatriated 610 People Amid Lockdown

Rescue Across Continents: C.J. Okoye’s Record-Breaking Mission and Repatriated 610 People Amid Lockdown

There are some heart-warming stories that seem to defy all odds. C.J Okoye’s is one. A story that exudes life, hope, compassion, and respect for human life.


When the insidious coronavirus dubbed COVID-19 started in December 2019, little did people know that the essential part of their lives will be affected. The tainted hope of the world, especially the danger-bound Nigerians, between Canada and West Africa, was at the precipice when C.J okoye decided to champion their safety. C.J Okoye rose as the last hope of the common man by devising a remarkable plan to repatriate 610 Canadians and West Africans trapped 9,000 kilometers away from home. C.J Okoye donned compassion and respect for the life of helpless men, and his company, Globe Cargo Logistics Services and World Wide Charter Services teamed up to facilitate the return of the trapped people.

When coronavirus gripped the world, people were left stranded far away from home. Borders were closed as countries, including Canada, as they struggle to contain the spread of the virus.

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It was at this difficult time that Nigerians in that region became object of shame and mockery, due to the inability of Nigerian embassy to return their citizens home.

The return was successful nevertheless that the world was on hold. It was a world record that didn’t only save Nigerians, Canadians and West Africans but now also saved Canadian Government millions.


As an entrepreneur and Nigerian-Canadian, Okoye adept at finding solutions and filling gaps in the market was displayed. He understood how to move Cargo across borders, however transporting people and luggage was a new venture.


Okoye and GCLS partnered with Worldwide Charter Services (WCS) to procure a passenger plane that fit 305 passengers for each leg of the trip. The companies crunched the numbers and utilized their industry knowledge to mitigate risk as much as they could. Raising $50,000 in 72 hours put all thoughts of failure to the wayside.


From the idea’s inception in April until the first flight on July 18th GCLS and WCS worked around the clock to stay on top of shifting regulations on two continents and find ways to make these flights as safe as possible. 305 West Africans and 305 Canadians were able to return home without issue.


The Boeing 767-300ER was flown with skeleton crews, cold meals, and fully tested passengers to minimize the risk of spread as much as possible. Their efforts proved fruitful as there were no cases of COVID-19 linked to either flight.


Growing up in Canada C.J. maintained a bond with his Nigerian roots and was heavily influenced by Caribbean cultures. It was these connections that inspired him to found Globe Cargo Logistic Services to import cultural goods from the source.


Though government involvement in this effort was minimal, the Canadian Consular in Lagos paid for 5 Canadians to return. Extensive planning by C.J. and his team meant few complications throughout the mission. However, it was not completely smooth sailing, as one of the passengers returning to Canada became irate that he was not going to receive a hot meal due to COVID restrictions at the time. They were able to come to an amiable solution.


These flights had an immeasurable impact on the hundreds of reunited families across Canada and Western Africa, shining a light of positivity in the emotional void. However, for the Canadian government, this trip avoided millions of dollars in room and board costs for trapped citizens. This allowed the government to put those funds to different uses.Rescue Across Continents

What is record-breaking about flying people back and forth between Toronto and Lagos? We take the age of aviation for granted and assume there are few records to break. However, this trip found one of the few records that had not been set yet. The first leg of the trip was the first time black aviation experts executed a direct line haul with passengers and cargo flight from Toronto to Lagos including only one stop to refuel and change pilots in Lisbon, Portugal. For Okoye and his team, the record is the icing on the cake for a job well done.

When asked if he would do it again Okoye emphatically said, “It was such a remarkable opportunity to serve both North America and West Africa by executing this trip and with the experience gained by executing this excursion any following repatriation flights will be a piece of cake.” Bringing people together has been good for his soul and he would revel in the opportunity to help repatriate trapped citizens again.


In a time of death, darkness, and terrifying uncertainty, Okoye, GCLS, and WCS stepped up to bring some light and humanity back to the world.


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Rescue Across Continents

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