Protest Erupts at NYSC Orientation Camp Abuja Over Brutality

Protest Errupt NYSC Orientation camp

Unrest Unfolds at Abuja NYSC Orientation Camp Over Alleged Brutality

BY Takim Etta

In a startling turn of events, protest erupted at  NYSC Orientation Camp Abuja on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at approximately 9:00 am. The catalyst for this unrest stems from the alleged brutality and violation of human rights against a Corps member within the camp.

According to a report from a concerned Corps member on the ground in Abuja, the military personnel at the camp have been consistently engaging in physical harm against Corps members, a direct violation of the rules and regulations set forth by the NYSC. These regulations explicitly prohibit any military officer from inflicting physical punishment on Corps members throughout their 21-day stay in the camp.


The incident in question unfolded during Wednesday morning when the Camp Military Personnel signaled for Corps members to move to the hall for Skill Acquisition lectures. A Corps member, who had just finished his meal at the Mami, was in the process of making payments when he was confronted by Military Commander Kemi Timiware. Without allowing the Corps member to explain himself, Commander Timiware swiftly slapped him and attempted to snatch his head with a stone.

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The situation escalated as additional  military officers joined in, beating the helpless Corps member and forcing him to the ground. Disturbingly, this incident follows a similar occurrence where a female Corps member was assaulted at the Mami while having dinner, an incident that went unreported.

In response to the unbearable brutality, Corps members residing in the hostel staged a serious protest, leaving their accommodations en masse. To restore order and maintain peace, a barricaded wall, equipped with military resources, was erected. Additional military personnel were dispatched from Garrison Command under the command of Major Odom Omineokuma to suppress the protest.

Addressing the camp during a post-protest lecture, Camp Director Mrs. Tam George urged Corps members to maintain peace for the remaining days of their stay. However, the unsettling reality of unreported human rights violations within NYSC orientation camps nationwide demands immediate attention and investigation. It is imperative that those found guilty of such transgressions be held accountable for their actions.

As the situation unfolds, the NYSC is faced with an unfortunate circumstance that necessitates swift and thorough resolution. Investigations into daily occurrences of human rights violations across NYSC orientation camps should commence promptly, with the goal of bringing perpetrators to justice and ensuring the safety and well-being of all Corps members.

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