Professor Cyril Ndifon Addresses Allegations and Suspension at University of Calabar

Professor Cyril Ndifon Addresses Allegations and Suspension at University of Calabar



In a recent development, Professor Cyril Ndifon, a prominent academic figure and former Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Calabar, has spoken out against allegations and his subsequent suspension. Professor Ndifon vehemently denies the accusations made against him and offers insight into the events leading up to his suspension.


Genesis of the Problem


Professor Ndifon explains that the conspiracy to remove him from his position as Dean of the Faculty of Law and as an academic staff member of the university stems from several factors. These include unfounded grievances by some academic staff members, a speakership tussle involving the Vice Chancellor’s son, and his stance on the promotion of another academic colleague.

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Unfolding Events to Remove Him

The former Dean highlights a series of events that he believes were orchestrated to justify his removal. These include meetings with academic staff, personal verbal attacks by the Vice Chancellor, undue interference in faculty affairs, and a suspicious protest by year-one students. Professor Ndifon questions the motives behind these actions and the involvement of certain individuals.


Query and Suspension

Professor Ndifon reveals that he received a query followed by immediate suspension after responding to the allegations. He expresses concerns about the speed and scope of his suspension, emphasizing its impact on his personal and family life. He considers the suspension an abuse of power and challenges its legality.


The Issue of Sexual Harassment

Regarding the allegations of sexual harassment, Professor Ndifon states that he is unaware of any complaints outside of the query and the placards from the protest. He asserts that he was never confronted with evidence or questions related to this issue during meetings. He raises concerns about the Vice Chancellor allegedly seeking out “victims” to implicate him.



In closing, Professor Cyril Ndifon asserts his innocence and determination to clear his name and integrity. He emphasizes his commitment to maintaining his hard-earned reputation in the face of these allegations.


The University of Calabar is yet to release an official statement regarding these allegations and suspension.


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