President Tinubu’s Live Broadcast to The Nation

President Tinubu's Live Broadcast to The Nation


President Tinubu’s Live Broadcast to The Nation. President Bola Tinubu delivered a live national broadcast on the state of the Nigerian economy. He emphasized the need to combat economic challenges and spoke candidly about ending the fuel subsidy, citing its burden on the country’s finances and how it benefited only a select few.

Tinubu highlighted the threat posed by powerful unelected groups to the democratic governance and economy, vowing to fight for the people’s sovereignty. To address the hardships faced by citizens, he announced interventions to cushion the impact on businesses and vulnerable individuals.


Notably, a program was unveiled to support the manufacturing sector with N75 billion, providing credit to 75 enterprises for sustainable growth and job creation. Additionally, N125 billion will energize the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) sector, benefitting 1 million nano businesses and 100,000 MSMEs and start-ups.

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The President stressed the importance of agriculture and revealed a N200 billion agricultural program targeting rice, maize, wheat, and cassava cultivation to enhance food security and empower small-holder farmers.

Tinubu approved an Infrastructure Support Fund for States to revamp healthcare and educational infrastructure, along with investing in mass transit buses for more affordable transportation.

Regarding workers, he assured collaboration with labor unions to introduce a new national minimum wage and salary review for employees.

The President urged citizens to have faith in the government’s ability to deliver on its plans and promised a better future for Nigeria.

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