P&ID: Criticisms Looms as Buhari Claim Of Saving $15 Billion

P&ID Buhari Claims to Save

Former President Buhari in an X post formerly Twitter has reflected on Nigeria’s Victory in a Legal battle involving the Nigerian Government and (P&ID) in that post  former  President Muhammadu Buhari shed light on a significant legal victory that could have altered the country’s financial landscape dramatically. The victory, achieved in a battle against Process & Industrial Development (P&ID), a company embroiled in a dubious contract controversy, not only showcased the importance of following legal processes but also ignited a passionate national debate on governance, transparency, and accountability in Nigeria.

Buhari’s revelation about the attempted fraud, which could have cost Nigeria a staggering USD15 billion, resonated deeply with the Nigerian populace. The case involved a questionable contract granted to P&ID by the previous government, despite the absence of a gas processing plant, granting the company the right to sue Nigeria for substantial profits. Buhari’s administration, upon unearthing this intricate web of corruption, bravely fought back in court. The legal battle exposed evidence of bribery, perjury, and the misuse of privileged internal documents by P&ID, underscoring the urgent need for transparency in both public and private contracts.


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However, amidst the triumph, the nation found itself grappling with a myriad of concerns. One of the most significant criticisms levied against Buhari’s administration was its handling of the Endsars Lekki Toll Gate incident, where innocent protesters tragically lost their lives on October 20 2020. The public, still seeking justice, voiced their dissatisfaction, questioning the government’s response and demanding accountability.

Furthermore, corruption within the administration became a focal point of criticism. Various ministers faced accusations, and high-profile figures, such as the Chairman of EFCC Abdulrasheed Bawa, and the Governor of Central Bank Godwin Emefiele, were embroiled in corruption scandals. The Ministry of Internal Affairs encountered challenges related to fraud in essential programs like school feeding and N-Power, raising doubts about the effectiveness of government initiatives.

Another contentious issue revolved around the unfulfilled promises of job creation. Despite assurances, the problem of out-of-school children persisted, highlighting a disconcerting gap between political promises and tangible outcomes. Additionally, concerns were raised about the government’s handling of court orders, with accusations that President Buhari’s administration, failed to comply with judicial mandates. This was evident in the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s release, raising serious questions about the integrity of the legal system.

As the nation grappled with these challenges, questions regarding the recovery of Abacha loot remained unanswered, echoing the sentiments of a disillusioned populace. The legal victory against P&ID, while a triumph for justice, served as a stark reminder of the pressing need for transparent governance, adherence to the rule of law, and accountability at all levels of the Nigerian government.

Nigeria would never forget what there went through under Buhari as president

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