Peter Obi Critique’s Tinubu’s Budget on N45 Billion for Travels

Peter Obi Criticized

Mr. Peter Obi Critique’s Tinubu’s Budget on N45 for Travels Tinubu’s Administration’s Budget, Calls for Urgent Reassessment.

On the 8th of December 2023, Mr. Peter Obi, the Presidential Flagbearer and candidate of the Labour Party, took to his Twitter handle, now identified as “X,” to provide a comprehensive commentary on the 2023 Budget presented by the Tinubu’s Administration. The focal point of his critique was the staggering budgetary allocations, prompting a call for a thorough review.


Expressing his concern, Mr. Obi shed light on a specific budget allocation that raised eyebrows – the whopping N15.961 billion earmarked for trips for the aides of the President and the Vice President. In a series of tweets, he adeptly dissected the implications, stating, “If the aides are spending this much, one can extrapolate that their principals, the President, and the Vice President, will spend twice as much, which will be about N30 billion.” This revelation led him to a startling conclusion: “In 2024, the office of the President and Vice President, along with their aides, will be consuming over N45 billion for trips alone.”

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Furthermore, Mr. Peter Obi Critique’s scrutinized an additional allocation of N20 billion allocated for the renovation of the President and Vice President’s offices in Lagos and Abuja, emphasizing their “full digitization.” Combining this with the N45 billion slated for transportation, the total surges to a staggering N65 billion. This amount, as he keenly pointed out, exceeds the N57 billion recently approved by the Senate for the Police Trust Fund, aimed at securing over 200 million people.

In a call to action, Mr. Obi urged citizens to contemplate the alternatives for such substantial funds, particularly in critical areas like internal security. He drew attention to the dire state of over 5000 police stations nationwide, with half lacking functional vehicles and insufficient fuel allowances, creating a hindrance to effective emergency response.

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Proposing a strategic reallocation of resources, Mr. Obi suggested diverting the budgeted funds for trips and renovations to support local manufacturers. He specifically mentioned engaging companies like Innoson to produce 2500 4×4 trucks, essential for police operations. By doing so, he argued, “we will not only be securing the country better but will be making our local industries more productive and profitable, thereby creating the desperately needed jobs.”

Addressing the N15 billion budgeted for the new residence of the Vice President, Mr. Obi proposed redirecting this allocation to enhance the operational capacity of the police force. His plan involved tripling the fuel allowances for police operational cars from the present N5000 to N15,000 per day, totaling N13.687 billion. This, he asserted, would significantly contribute to addressing the fuel challenges faced by the police.

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In a passionate plea for a fundamental shift in budgetary priorities, Mr. Obi stressed the urgency of reviewing and revising the budget to align with the country’s critical needs in health, education, and poverty alleviation. He emphasized that such a strategic planning and budgeting approach would be instrumental in achieving tangible progress for the nation.

In conclusion, Mr. Obi appealed for a recognition of the difficulties faced by the poor masses and advocated for a prioritization of expenditure that reflects the aspirations of a “New Nigeria.” His call for a pragmatic and people-centric budgetary approach resonates as a vital step towards addressing the pressing challenges facing the nation.

Peter Obi Critique’s Tinubu’s Budget on N45 for Travels

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