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Image of Takim Etta Ndifon Our Team founder

Takim Etta Ndifon

An eminent figure in the realm of journalism, a Lawyer, and Political Activist, serves as a distinguished reporter covering Politics, Law, and Business. Moreover, he boasts the esteemed roles of Publisher and Founder at Voice of the People News Nigeria, demonstrating his remarkable commitment to the field of media and information dissemination.

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Shedrack Osor

Shedrack Osor is an distinguished figure in the field of journalism, serves as a Crime and Sports Reporter at VOTP News. In addition to his role there, he is a Co-Founder and the Editor-in-Chief of Voice of the News Nigeria.

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Our Team

Ugwoke Celestine Ikedichukwu

An accomplished journalist, holds the position of Entertainment News and Education Reporter at VOTP News. Notably, he is a Co-Founder of Voice of the People Nigeria, demonstrating his commitment to the realm of media and information dissemination.

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our Team Arop Joseph

Joseph Arop

Joseph Arop is the Chief Technology Officer of VOTP News. An expert in software engineering and technology workforce development.





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