Our Rainforest is Gone: Cross River State in Trouble

Our rainforest is gone.

Our rainforest is gone: Cross River State in trouble.

A forest covering over 312 Square kilometers, essential for stabilizing the the world ecosystem, has vanished.


According to Global Forest Watch, in 2010, Cross River had 1.31 million hectares of tree cover, extending over 61% of its land area. By 2022, it lost 10.7 thousand hectares of tree cover, equivalent to 6.58 million tons of CO₂ emissions.

Since October 2022, trailer loads of wood have continuously left Cross River State. Every day, no fewer than 50 trailer loads of wood are being exported out of the state each week. These forests are virgin and were in their original form as created by God.

Based on investigative reports from our research team, the Afi Forest, which extends from Bendeha Afi village in Ikom LGA up into the Boki LGA, forming the second-largest rainforest basin in West Africa, has disappeared.

Considering its adverse effects on the environment, VOTP NEWS gathered that the crime is committed by villagers in collaboration with local timber dealers and the Government of Cross River State  who destroy our forests for the purpose of obtaining timber and exporting it to China,Germany,etc.

The video attached to this post reveals over 30 trailer loads of wood illicitly obtained from the Cross River Forest.

What is more disturbing is that, despite anti-deforestation laws, the business continues to thrive. We have also gathered that representatives of the Cross River State Government are accessories to this crime.

This became evident in the resignation of Commissioner Mr. Odey Oyama, as we learned he was not allowed to perform his duties by the Ayade Administration.

All this mayhem unfolded under the watch of the Anti-Deforestation Task Force inaugurated by the Ben Ayade Administration.

On August 1, 2023, the Anti-Deforestation Committee was dissolved, and logging activity was declared open by the Otu Administration, which proclaimed logging in a reserved area as illegal.

Recently, in 2024, the Otu Administration signed a $5 billion pact to undertake a green project in the state.

We vehemently condemn the rampant illegal logging of woods in Cross River State. The government cannot claim leadership in green projects in West Africa while overlooking the bulk of illegal logging and destruction of our reserved forest.

Our rainforest is gone: Cross River State in trouble


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