NYSC Abductees: Akwa Ibom State Parent Call For Intervention

NYSC Abductees Aqua Ibom Parents Call for Intervention

Parents Plead for Urgent Government Intervention as NYSC Abductees Lives Hang in the Balance

Parents of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members abducted along the Zamfara Highway on August 17, 2023, have beseeched the Federal and Akwa Ibom state governments to expedite efforts to secure the release of their children.


What is more Disturbing to parents is that the Handbook provided to Corp memebers during the 3 Weeks Orientation Course Recommend Families to pay Ransom for their kidnapped Family Members  as NYSC do not Pay Ransom for kidnapped Corp members.

This Position Was Reemphasized by the Director General of NYSC Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim in a report made by Punch on the 19th of  August 2019, where the DG resounded that NYSC do not pay Ransoms for Kidnapped Corp memebers. I believe this is to prevent further kidnapp by corp memebers in the country and the avoid Corp members even pretending to kidnapp themselves.

It is instructive to note that the NYSC Abductees have been help captives for more than 100 days, During a gathering in Uyo yesterday, parents expressed their distress and lack of confidence in the current security measures, citing the traumatic ordeal of their children abducted three months ago. Solomon Emmanuel, a parent, revealed that only two victims, a male and a female, were released after their families managed to gather the ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

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“I feel so disheartened when the government claims to be taking action. We only hear promises, but tangible results are absent. The current N70 million ransom demand is beyond our means. This is a plea for the government to demonstrate genuine efforts in rescuing our children serving their country in Sokoto,” Emmanuel stated.

Mrs. Idongesit, another parent, expressed her anguish over the kidnappers’ recent threat to start killing the hostages if the ransom is not paid promptly. She questioned the safety measures in place, revealing that the AKTC motorpark was advised against using the route after 6 pm, a precaution that was ignored.

“We were told that the driver was warned not to use that route after 6 pm, but he ignored it. Since the incident, I haven’t been able to speak to my child; their phones were taken from them. The agony of imagining the suffering our children endure in the bush is unbearable,” said Mrs. Idongesit.

With desperation evident, she continued, “We, the parents, are helpless and desperate. We’ve borrowed money, taken loans, and even sold our properties to raise over N30 million ransom, yet our children remain in captivity. We urge Governor Umo Eno, federal and state lawmakers, especially Senator President Akpabio, to intervene urgently. We won’t rest until our children are safely returned.”

The dire situation has left many parents in emotional turmoil. Mr. Bassey, barely able to speak, simply expressed, “I have not been myself since my son was kidnapped. I can’t bear the thought of losing my child.”

Regrettably, some parents and family members, overwhelmed by shock over the deteriorating health of the captive children, were unable to attend the meeting in Uyo.

As the plea intensifies, the parents implore the government to act swiftly, emphasizing the urgent need for support from well-placed individuals in society. The clock is ticking, and the parents fear for the lives of their children held captive in the Zamfara bush. The echoing cry is clear: “Don’t let them die in the kidnappers’ den.” The anguished parents await a swift and effective response from the authorities to bring their children back alive.

VOTP News would continue to bring Verified Report as the Story continues to develop in the NYSC Abductees.

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