Nigerians Demand Action Against Corruption at NIMC


Nigerians Demand Action Against Corruption at NIMC

In a resounding display of collective outrage, Nigerians across the nation have risen against the rampant irregularities plaguing the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). Despite the recent merger with the Ministry of Interior aimed at enhancing efficiency, the institution seems to have fallen into a pit of corruption, causing widespread grievances among the citizens. The simmering discontent reached a boiling point, finding an outlet through the influential medium of Twitter, where thousands voiced their concerns under the trending hashtag #NIMC


Amidst Allegations of Corruption and Inefficiency, Nigerians Unite

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to condemn the gross misconduct, unprofessionalism, and corruption allegedly permeating the NIMC. According to the 99% OPPRESSED movement, the NIMC has become synonymous with corruption. Citizens lamented the exorbitant fees charged by NIMC offices nationwide, often off the official records, creating a financial burden for those seeking essential services. Many reported instances where bribes were solicited for basic services or to expedite processes.

Technical Glitches Deny Citizens Opportunities

Adding fuel to the fire is the perpetual issue of the NIMC server being frequently down, causing significant setbacks for applicants. As a consequence, numerous individuals have missed crucial opportunities such as overseas admissions and employment prospects. Odogwu Michael, a frustrated Nigerian, expressed his disappointment, questioning the seriousness of an organization that continuously delivers subpar performances.

Government Responds Amidst Public Outcry

Amidst the rising public outcry, Hon Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, a representative of the Ministry of Interior, met with NIMC management. He revealed plans to harmonize all data, acknowledging the urgent need for systemic reforms within the institution. However, citizens on social media platforms continued to express skepticism, demanding tangible actions beyond mere promises.

NIMC’s Defense Amidst Accusations

In response to the allegations, NIMC vehemently denied the accusations of extortion. The commission claimed to operate under a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of extortion and assured Nigerians that enrollment is free. They stated that modification fees are nominal N500 for the Modification of Name and other corrections and that modification of date of birth costs N15,000 they further stated that their charges are transparent, emphasizing that any payment above the approved fee should be reported through designated channels.

Citizens Take a Stand

The swelling wave of discontent among Nigerians reflects a collective demand for transparency, accountability, and efficiency within the NIMC. The citizens have been urged to stand firm against corruption, report any form of extortion, and continue their peaceful advocacy for reforms within the institution. As the nation watches, the NIMC is now under immense pressure to address these issues promptly and effectively, lest they risk further erosion of public trust.

For further inquiries and to report extortion, citizens are encouraged to contact NIMC through email ( or phone (08157691214 / 09034959433), emphasizing the importance of adhering to approved fees and channels for payments.

A similar Report was made by the Cable and others.

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