Nigerian Army Arrest Soldier For Criticizing Lagos State Governor

Nigerian Army Arrest

Nigerian Army Arrest Soldier For Criticizing Lagos State Governor- The Nigerian Army has taken decisive action by apprehending a soldier who openly criticized Lagos State Governor, Babjide Sanwo-Olu. The soldier’s arrest follows an incident on January 2, 2023, where Governor Sanwo-Olu ordered the arrest of an army personnel and an okada rider for driving against traffic on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

Confirming the arrest, Chief of Army Staff, Taoreed Lagbaja, emphasized that the soldier’s behavior, particularly driving against traffic, goes against the core values of the Nigerian Army. However, the identity of the arrested soldier has not been disclosed.


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Governor Sanwo-Olu’s strong reaction to the soldier’s conduct was caught on a viral video. In the footage, the governor expressed his dismay, saying, “Put him there; let your father come and rescue you. You’re telling me you are a soldier; that is the reason I’m going to lock you up, useless boy.”

The incident sparked a wave of criticism against the governor on social media, with various videos surfacing in defense of the soldier. One such video featured an unidentified soldier condemning Governor Sanwo-Olu for publicly labeling a fellow soldier as “useless” in the presence of civilians. The soldier’s impassioned defense gained significant attention on Thursday, January 4.

Addressing the multiple videos circulating online, Chief of Army Staff, Lagbaja, asserted that most were fabricated. He clarified that the Army investigated only one authentic video, leading to the identification and subsequent arrest of the involved soldier.

Lagbaja highlighted the Army’s commitment to educating soldiers on appropriate conduct in the areas where they are deployed. This move signifies a proactive approach to prevent similar incidents and uphold the integrity of the Nigerian Army. The Chief of Army Staff emphasized the importance of soldiers embodying the values that reflect positively on the institution.

The Nigerian Army have Emphasized the Need to  maintaining discipline within the military ranks and addressing concerns about the treatment of soldiers in the public eye. At VOTP NEWS we totally Condemd level of indiscipline by the soldier concerned.

Nigerian Army Arrests Soldier Criticized by Lagos State Governor



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