Mohbad: Cute Abiola Refutes Gifting a Car to Mohbads Father


In a recent turn of events, Nigerian singer Mohbad s mysterious demise has left the public in shock and confusion. Last month, the young artist passed away under unclear circumstances, leaving many questions unanswered. Amidst this tragedy, a viral video surfaced, suggesting that Ahmed Abiola, popularly known as Lawyer Kunle, gifted Mohbad’s father, Mr. Aloba, a Lexus 350.

However, Cute Abiola, the alleged benefactor, has vehemently denied these claims. In a 4-minute video posted on his   Facebook page he clarified the situation, stating that he never promised Mohbad’s father a car. Cute Abiola expressed his frustration, revealing that he had promptly debunked the fake news when it first circulated. He accused the spreaders of this misinformation as mischief makers and cloud chasers, emphasizing his distaste for such actions.


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“I never bought a car for Mohbad’s dad, I didn’t even promise him a car,” Cute Abiola firmly stated, dismissing the rumors as baseless. He emphasized that he had no reason to indulge in such falsehoods and condemned those responsible for creating and spreading the misleading information.

Mr. Aloba, on the other hand, had previously claimed in an interview that Cute Abiola had indeed promised him a car. However, Cute Abiola refuted these allegations, asserting that he had never made such a commitment. He urged bloggers and newsmen to refrain from posting unverified news, emphasizing the importance of responsible journalism.

As the controversy continues to unfold, the public remains on edge, seeking clarity regarding the circumstances surrounding Mohbad ‘s tragic passing. Cute Abiola’s strong denial and plea for truth and accuracy in reporting serve as a reminder of the importance of reliable information in the age of digital media.

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