House of Representatives Denounces Allegations of Receiving N100 Million Palliative Funds

The House of Representatives swiftly rejects allegations of receiving N100 million in palliative funds from the Executive, demanding a retraction and public apology from the Nigeria Labour Congress.

National Assembly

Abuja-The House of Representatives has swiftly and unequivocally refuted allegations made by Mr. Christopher Onyeka, the National Assistant General Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). Onyeka suggested that the Executive arm had given National Assembly members N100 million as palliative funds.

The controversy emerged when Mr. Onyeka issued a statement claiming that the Executive had disbursed N100 million to National Assembly members as part of palliative measures.


House spokesperson, Akin Rotimi, responded by denouncing the claim as “baseless and devoid of any factual accuracy.” Rotimi emphasized that transparency and truth in public discourse are essential for a functioning democracy.

Rotimi stated, “First, we categorically state that Mr. Onyeka’s claim that National Assembly members were given N100 million as palliatives is false. Members of the House of Representatives did not receive any money from the Executive arm as palliatives at any time. Therefore, we consider this statement malicious, irresponsible, and in bad faith.”

He expressed disappointment that Mr. Onyeka would distort facts to support valid NLC demands while tarnishing the reputation of the National Assembly and inciting public sentiment against it.

In response to these allegations, the House of Representatives has demanded an immediate retraction of the statement and a public apology from the Nigeria Labour Congress. The House stressed the importance of the NLC maintaining credibility in its legitimate agitations.

Rotimi also highlighted the House’s commitment to the welfare of Nigerian workers and all citizens. He cited legislative actions taken in less than 100 days of the 10th Assembly’s tenure, including approving funds for palliatives and advocating for the immediate review of the minimum wage.

The House of Representatives extended an invitation to the NLC, urging them to see the National Assembly as partners rather than adversaries in the pursuit of national interests. The 10th Assembly assured Nigerians of its unwavering dedication to improving the well-being of constituents and the overall betterment of the nation.

In conclusion, Rotimi expressed empathy for the difficulties faced by Nigerians due to the removal of the fuel subsidy and pledged the House’s continued efforts to work with all stakeholders to alleviate the nation’s hardships and rebuild the country for the benefit of all citizens. Stay tuned to VOTP NEWS for further developments on this matter.

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