Flood Blocks Cross River Abakaliki Road

Devastating floods wreak havoc in Ogoja, Cross River State, leaving communities in distress and urgently needing government intervention

food in Abakaliki Road- Flood Blocks Cross River Abakaliki Road

OGOJA, Cross River StateFlood Blocks Cross River Abakaliki Road. The past week’s relentless rain has brought devastation to the residents of Ogoja Local Government Area (LGA), as floodwaters have engulfed various communities in Cross River State.

In an unexpected turn of events, last night’s heavy rainfall caught the people of Mfum off guard, as floodwaters breached their homes, causing extensive damage to their properties and sweeping away valuable farmlands. This natural disaster has not spared the vital Cross River to Abakaliki route either, as it has been completely blocked by the rising floodwaters.


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The situation is dire, with numerous communities throughout Ogoja LGA also grappling with the adverse effects of the flooding. Families have been uprooted from their homes, and their lives have been upended by this disaster.

The affected residents are anxiously awaiting the intervention of government authorities to alleviate their suffering and provide essential support during this challenging time. As the communities grapple with the aftermath of the floods, relief efforts and assistance from the government are seen as crucial to helping them recover and rebuild their lives.

The people of Ogoja remain resilient in the face of adversity, hoping for swift action from the government to address this crisis and offer solace to those in distress. Stay tuned to VOTP News for further updates on this developing situation.


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