Cross River State Minority Leader Extends Warm Honors to Akwa Ibom Community in Ikom on Akwa Ibom Day


Hon Samuel Neji Abang

Hon Samuel Neji Abang Celebrates Akwa Ibom Day in Ikom with Unity and Warmth-In a remarkable show of unity and camaraderie, the Minority Leader of the Cross River State House of Assembly and distinguished representative of Ikom 1 State Constituency, the Hon. Samuel
Neji Abang, affectionately known as Hon BB, extended his heartfelt honors to the people of Akwa Ibom residing in Ikom as they jubilantly celebrated Akwa Ibom Day.

The festivities unfolded at the splendid Two Ends field in Ikom, and it was graced by the esteemed presence of Honorable Samuel Neji Abang, accompanied by his graceful wife, Mrs. Agatha Abang. Also in attendance was Congressman Charles Omang Omang, a dedicated representative of the Bekwara State Constituency.


Honorable Abang, a distinguished figure in Cross River State politics, took the opportunity to articulate a powerful message of inclusivity and unity. He emphasized that the Akwa Ibom community in Ikom should not be seen as outsiders but as indispensable partners in the region’s development. In his eloquent speech, he underscored the enduring contributions of Akwa Ibomites to the advancement and growth of Ikom Local Government Area.

Furthermore, Honorable Abang reassured the Akwa Ibom people in Ikom of his unwavering commitment to equitable leadership, promising that there would be no room for bias or favoritism in the distribution of benefits under his watch. His commitment to fair and impartial governance resonated deeply with the gathered audience.

In a bid to foster harmony and cohesion, Honorable Abang extended his hand of friendship and goodwill to the Akwa Ibom Union, encouraging them to maintain a positive outlook and to continue living in harmony with their host community.

Kingsley Tanko, the Press Secretary to the Minority Leader of the Cross River State House of Assembly, expressed these sentiments on behalf of Honorable Abang. This remarkable celebration of Akwa Ibom Day in Ikom serves as a testament to the power of unity and collaboration in fostering growth and progress within communities. It is a day that will be remembered for its message of inclusivity and the bonds of friendship it strengthened among the people of Ikom.

100 Days of Impact: Hon. Samuel Neji Abang’s Thriving Leadership in Cross River State

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