Court Sentence 78-Year-Old Guard for Stealing Cigarettes

Court Sentence 78 year old Guard

Court Sentence 78-Year-Old Guard to 9-Month Imprisonment for Theft of Motorcycle, Cash, and Cigarettes.

In a landmark decision, a Magistrates’ Court in Jos handed down a nine-month prison sentence to a 78-year-old guard, Sani Ibrahim, for the theft of cash, a motorbike, and packs of cigarettes. The presiding magistrate, Shawomi Bokkos, delivered the summary judgment after Ibrahim pleaded guilty to the charges, emphasizing a swift resolution.


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Despite the severity of the sentence, the court granted the convict an alternative—a fine of N20,000. Additionally, Ibrahim was directed to compensate the plaintiff, Douglas Kokelu, with a sum of N400,000. Failure to meet this restitution requirement within the stipulated timeframe could result in an extended six-month prison term, as declared by Magistrate Bokkos.

The sentencing magistrate emphasized that this stern verdict serves as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers, underlining the court’s commitment to maintaining law and order. The decision to offer an option for a fine demonstrates a balance between punishment and the opportunity for the offender’s financial redemption.

The legal proceedings unfolded following a report lodged on November 24 at the A Division Police Station in Jos by Douglas Kokelu, who detailed the criminal activities of the elderly guard. Inspector Labaran Ahmed, the prosecution counsel, revealed that Ibrahim had abandoned his duty post without authorization, leaving the gate vulnerable to his accomplice, who executed the theft.

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Inspector Ahmed highlighted the significant value of the stolen items, amounting to N694,000, and stressed that the offence falls under the provisions of the Plateau State Penal Code Law.

The VOTP News urges the community to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding against criminal activities. Meanwhile the frustration in the Accused  eyes should also remind the government to braze up and take responsibility in taking care of the aged in the country by making sure the economy is favourable for everyone.  We would continue to bring Verified Stories to our subscribers.

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