Our rainforest is gone: Cross River State in trouble. A forest covering over 312 Square kilometers, essential for stabilizing the the world ecosystem, has vanished. According to Global Forest Watch, in 2010, Cross River had 1.31 million hectares of tree cover, extending over 61% of its land area. By 2022, […]

Differences Between Fighting and Self Defense By TAKIM ETTA  Introduction There is a thin line dividing fighting and self-defense under the law; the circumstances of each case may determine this. While fighting makes both parties liable under the law, self-defense remains a complete defense, exculpating the accused person from all […]

By Takim Etta Introduction In contemporary Nigerian society, a prevalent issue within the police force is the attitude of forcefully searching for incriminating content, documents, files, and transactions on phones belonging to young boys suspected to be fraudsters (Yahoo Boys). While carrying out their duties, the police and other security […]

By Takim Etta Introduction Insecurity in Nigeria is often perpetrated within grounds by religious extremists who dwell in our mosques, churches, and shrines. They forget that humanity is the primary and best religion. They carry out their crimes against humanity under the pretext that they are fighting for God. This […]

ETTA NDIFON TAKIM Introduction It is a general moral code throughout Nigeria that when you find lost money, such money should be returned to the police to avoid moral punishment from God or criminal sanction by the authorities. A person who finds a lost item and keeps it may be […]

BY TAKIM ETTA Introduction: In numerous regions across Nigeria, community chiefs often illegitimately arrogate unto themselves powers they believe to be vested in them, allowing them to mete out punishments to alleged criminals within their respective communities. These chiefs frequently prescribe a range of inconsistent penalties for offenders, regardless of […]

By Takim Etta  Introduction: When an individual unlawfully enters your land, asserting ownership and commencing construction on it, an injunction from the court becomes the most effective instrument to prevent the person from continuing such actions until the matter is brought before the court to determine ownership and rights. This […]