Bandits Attack leaves Seven Death and Several Abducted in Sokoto

Bandits in sokoto

Tragedy Strikes Sokoto as Suspected Bandits Leave Seven Dead and Many Abducted in Twin Attacks

In a harrowing turn of events, no fewer than seven lives were tragically cut short during suspected bandit attacks on two Sokoto State communities between Friday and Saturday. The affected areas, Kojiyo community in Goronyo Local Government and Gwamatase village in Wurno Local Government, now bear the somber weight of a collective loss.


According to a reliable source within the state, the incidents unfolded with a swift and merciless strike by the assailants. Kojiyo community in Goronyo Local Government bore witness to the loss of five lives, with reports suggesting that several individuals were also forcefully taken from their homes by the marauding gunmen.

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While the gravity of the situation was undeniable, the official statement from the Nigerian Police Force, as articulated by the State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Ahmed Rufai, conveyed a somewhat conflicting account. Confirming the attacks, Rufai disclosed that at least three individuals lost their lives, and one person sustained injuries. However, he remained unable to verify the reported assault in Kojiwo ward, Goronyo Local Government, where an additional five lives were purportedly lost, and numerous residents were allegedly abducted.

In an earnest pursuit of clarity, the PPRO committed to providing further information once the details of the Kojiwo ward incident were corroborated. The urgency of the situation demands an unwavering commitment to transparency and accuracy in reporting such grave incidents.

A courageous resident, who spoke with our correspondent under the condition of anonymity, shed light on the timeline of the tragic events. According to the resident, the attack unfolded on Saturday evening, shattering the peace of the affected communities. Beyond the confirmed loss of five lives, the source asserted that a significant number of individuals were forcibly taken captive during the horrifying assault.

“They attacked the village on Saturday evening where they killed five residents of the area instantly. They also abducted many people in the village,” the resident revealed, painting a grim picture of the aftermath.

The insecurity in the Northern Nigeria is now a pressing National Issue.

In a recent report by AA, bandits carried out a deadly attack in Giyawa village, Sokoto state, Nigeria, resulting in the tragic death of four villagers and the abduction of 18 others on September 15 2023.

Confirmed by Channel TV on October 2, 2023, the Sokoto State Police have verified a ruthless attack by suspected bandits, resulting in the tragic loss of three lives and injuries to several individuals in a fresh assault on a Sokoto village.

Bandits claim five lives and injure four in Sokoto: On November 4, 2023, the Sokoto State Police Command verified an assault by bandits on Duhuwa town in the Wurno Local Government Area, as reported by Punch Newspapers.


As the affected communities grapple with the shock and grief that accompany such senseless violence, the need for a swift and thorough investigation becomes paramount. The residents deserve justice, and the security apparatus must act decisively to bring the perpetrators of these heinous acts to account.

Sokoto State mourns, and the nation watches with bated breath as authorities work tirelessly to restore a sense of security to these beleaguered communities. The tragic events of the past weekend serve as a stark reminder of the collective responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of every citizen, no matter the geographical location or circumstance.

At VOTP news we join in the prayers for peace in Nigeria and will continue to bring Verified report.

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