Apeal Court Dismiss Ayade’s Apeal Upholds Jarigbe’s Victory

Apeal Court Dismiss Ayade's Apeal Upholds Jarigbe's VictoryAyade’s Apeal Dismissed as Court Uphold  Jarigbe’s Victory

In a pivotal legal battle, the Lagos Appeal Court has reached a definitive decision regarding the Cross River North Senatorial District election, dismissing the petition filed by APC’s Ayade at a significant cost of N500,000 This verdict solidifies the victory of Sen. Jarigbe Agom, who stands as the duly elected Senator representing the district.


The appeal, initiated by Senator Benedict Ayade, the former Governor of Cross River State, was filed sometime in October  to challenged the ruling of the tribunal in Calabar and specifically addressed the grounds supporting Sen. Jarigbe Agom’s legitimacy as a Member of the Nigerian Senate for Cross River Northern Senatorial District.

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The heart of the matter revolved around alleged irregularities, a claim vehemently contested by Ayade. In a dramatic turn of events, Agom Jarigbe, representing the PDP, faced accusations of falsifying election results and tendering fake documents to the Independent National Electoral Commission. These allegations added complexity to an already heated legal contest.

During the proceedings, Ayade, who contested the 2023 general election under the APC umbrella, presented compelling evidence supporting his assertion that he was the rightful winner. However, the court meticulously examined the evidence and the issues raised, upholding Sen. Jarigbe Agom’s victory based on certified true copies of the election results submitted by him. The court’s decision underscored the integrity of the electoral process and reaffirmed the importance of adhering to the rule of law in democratic practices.

In a detailed judgment by the Appeal Court in Lagos meticulously analyzed the grounds for appeal and the evidence presented. With a thorough examination of the case, the court upheld the tribunal’s ruling on its merits. Senator Benedict Ayade’s appeal was dismissed, and he was ordered to pay a relief of 500,000 to Senator Jarigbe Agom for the cost of litigation.

This landmark verdict not only brings closure to a contentious electoral dispute but also emphasizes the significance of transparent and accountable democratic processes. It stands as a testament to the robustness of the Nigerian legal system in resolving intricate political matters. Stay tuned to VOTP News for more updates on this story and other crucial developments in the Nigerian political landscape.


This Judgement was also reported by  Naija times


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