All You Need to Know About Yola Campus of Nigerian Law School.


All You Need to Know About Yola Campus of Nigerian Law School.

All You Need to Know About Yola Campus of Nigerian Law School.

Yola Campus of the Nigerian Law School offers a unique and conducive environment for legal education. Here is an overview of the key aspects of academic life at this prestigious institution:



1. Lectures:

At Yola Campus, the pursuit of legal knowledge begins with a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for learning. Lectures commence promptly at 8:00 am and conclude by 12:30 pm, with an extension to 1:00 pm on some occasions, setting it apart from other campuses. Attendance is a crucial component of our educational journey, starting at 7:00 am and ending by 7:45 am. Students are expected to be seated in the classrooms by 7:45 am, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our esteemed lecturers.


One remarkable aspect of our lecturers is their approachability and friendliness. Any student can approach them with questions or concerns, making the learning experience interactive and engaging. It’s important to note that attendance is mandatory, as a minimum percentage of attendance is required to qualify for the bar exams.


2. Academic Activities:

Yola Campus fosters a culture of collaborative learning through various study groups, all of which maintain high standards. These groups actively participate in tutorial activities, enhancing the overall educational experience.


It’s essential to highlight the mandatory nature of group discussions, which are closely supervised by our dedicated lecturers. Failure to participate can result in sanctions, such as queries or similar actions. Group meetings are typically scheduled for one hour, with each group determining its preferred time between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. These meetings are invaluable in providing insights into upcoming topics, ensuring that students are well-prepared for classroom discussions.


The ability to tailor one’s studying based on individual strengths is a significant advantage, enhancing the efficiency of our learning process.


3. Politics:

Yola Campus provides a surprising platform for those interested in the realm of politics. Contrary to my initial beliefs, I found like-minded individuals here, creating a vibrant political scene. Our campus elections were fiercely contested, with a minimum of four contestants for each position. The intensity of the electoral process was a testament to the diverse mix of students from across the nation who converged here.


For aspiring politicians, Yola Campus is an ideal launchpad for your journey. The ‘Students Representative Council’ plays a pivotal role in overseeing student affairs, and you have the opportunity to contest for positions that allow you to serve and make a difference.


4. Lecturers and Expectations:

Yola Campus lecturers adhere to the general practice of ensuring students grasp the subject matter thoroughly. Their goal is to cultivate the highest caliber of first-class students. Each day’s routine typically involves an exposition on the subject, illustrative examples, and after a break, pre-class exercises with answers provided. This is followed by a brief 10-15 minute snap test, reinforcing comprehension.


These daily sessions were deemed indispensable, and attendance was non-negotiable. It’s worth noting that each lecturer brings their unique expectations, and students quickly learn to adapt and collaborate effectively.

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5. Social Life on Campus:

Yola Campus stands out as a remarkably liberal and open environment, especially in contrast to what I had heard from others. Here, we had the freedom to socialize and engage within the campus’s operational boundaries. Social life thrived without any major impediments.


For those seeking to venture beyond campus, Yola offers a range of social spots, including the ‘AUN club,’ conveniently located directly opposite the school. This club provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for those who enjoy going out. In essence, Yola Campus strikes a balance, offering students a normal level of social engagement within its premises.




6. Exam Atmosphere:

When it comes to the atmosphere during exams, a colleague of mine who experienced it at Yola Campus shared their thoughts:


According to them, motivation was palpable everywhere, and the atmosphere at Yola Campus was nothing short of exceptional. It was so immersive that even the insects on campus seemed to sense the significance of the hour. They firmly believe that their success was strongly influenced by this environment, and they encouraged others to find their own rhythm and approach.


At Yola Campus, there are no major hitches to worry about. Facilities, including electricity and water supply, are reliable. The overall experience is described as “SUPERB.” However, it’s essential to note that the exam atmosphere can be quite tense. It may feel as though you haven’t studied anything, but this is the time for revision, not for cramming new information. Various law tips will be circulating, but it’s crucial to stick to what you’ve been taught by your lecturers.


Lastly, prayers play a vital role in navigating the challenges of the Nigerian Law School, given its large student population of over 6000 students annually. The advice is clear: stay focused, study diligently, and make every second count.



Questions and Comments:

– Registration: Registration doesn’t need to be completed within one week of arrival; it continues alongside lectures but should be completed before the first Law Dinner for better accommodation options.

– Dress Code: The dress code for male students is a black suit and trousers with a plain white collar long-sleeve shirt (navy blue is accepted). Female students should wear a black suit and skirt below the knee, with a white collar shirt or camisole (navy blue is accepted). Compliance with the dress code is strictly enforced.

– Security: Yola Campus is considered safe, with security checks in place at the entrance. There is a police unit adjacent to the campus.

– Accommodation: The accommodation is comfortable, and there are options for rooms of 3 or 4 students.

– Accommodation Registration: Accommodation is not processed on the day of arrival; temporary accommodation is provided until registration is complete.


– Food: There is a restaurant on campus with affordable food options. There is  a restaurant,  a plate with meat is #600 with goat meat #700 and there is a woman beside the school that do sell her own food with a piece of meat 4



– Living Off Campus: Some students live off-campus, and Yola Campus is close to town, sharing a fence with Atiku American University and being near the School of Nursing and Teaching Hospital.

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