Alex Oti Flags off Construction of 6.7Km Aba Port Harcourt Road

Alex Oti Flags off Construction of 6.7Km Aba Por Hacourt 

Alex Oti Flags off Construction of 6.7Km Aba Port Harcourt

In a significant move aimed at revitalizing the economic heartbeat of Aba, His Excellency the Governor of Abia State, Alex Oti, ceremoniously inaugurated the reconstruction of the 6.7 km Port Harcourt Road on a Friday morning. The road, originally conceived by the visionary former Governor of the old Imo State, Dee Sam Mbakwe, once stood as a testament to the potential of fostering growth within the oil industry in Port Harcourt and subsequently enriching the economy of Aba. However, the passage of time saw this vital artery fall into disrepair, leading to a mass exodus of businesses and entrepreneurs, causing considerable financial losses and diminished opportunities for the region’s populace.


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Governor Alex Oti, cognizant of the road’s historical significance and the immense possibilities it holds, made the strategic decision to entrust the task of its resurrection to the esteemed civil engineering giant, Julius Berger Plc. The contract, spanning a duration of eighteen months, reflects the governor’s unwavering commitment to seeing this project through to fruition. During the announcement, Governor Oti expressed his confidence in Julius Berger Plc, underscoring their reputation as one of Nigeria’s most reputable and experienced civil engineering firms. The governor’s faith in their capabilities stems from the anticipation of a high-quality and durable road, promising enduring service for generations.

The Port Harcourt Road reconstruction project has already garnered the attention of passionate young individuals who, with their unwavering dedication, have vigilantly observed every step of Julius Berger Plc’s progress. Their enthusiasm has become a symbol of the community’s eagerness for change and renewal. As heavy machinery and construction equipment shape the landscape, the spirit of rejuvenation permeates the air, echoing the promise of a brighter future for Aba.

Upon completion, the revitalized Port Harcourt Road is poised to serve as the catalyst for Aba’s economic resurgence. The governor expressed his optimism that the road’s transformation will not only attract businesses back but also serve as a testament to Aba’s enduring strength. In his words, “The Elephant is back on its feet, never to stumble again.” The reconstruction project, a testament to strategic vision and community resilience, stands as a beacon of hope, heralding a new era of prosperity for Aba and its people.

Alex Oti Flags off Construction of 6.7Km Aba Por Hacourt

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